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JNR Accident Relief Fund

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Under a unique initiative we provide Emergency Ambulance services for accident victims . The first hour of an accident is very crucial and if emergency medical care is received during this hour the chance that the victim will survive increases . We have trained medical attendants and staff who can give emergency medical treatment and also help rescue entangled accident victims from their vehicles.

Golden Hours After Accident

Recognising the importance of the time just after the accident in saving the life of the injured,the things that need to be done come under the golden hour concept.

As per the Golden hour concept,the work that is included is
1) To remove people involved in the incident from the vehicles
2) Put them on stretcher taking into account their breathing pattern, Heart rate,consciousness,bleeding severity,broken bones etc.
3) Secure them to the stretcher first completing the first aid treatment procedure.
4) Get them in an ambulance and the essential treatment started and get them to the appropriate medical experts.

It is important to make available the required treatments and procedures such as CT scan,MRI etc recognising its importance under the Golden hour concept. To remove the injured from the vehicle and to successfully save their life with the Golden hour concept,properly trained manpower is needed.

Hit and Run.

Out of the total road accidents a number of accidents come under the hit and run type.To avoid future complications arising from the accident, and due to fear of accidents, the drivers run away after collision. Such accidents come under the Hit and Run accident type. Most of the times in a hit and run accident the pedestrian,cycle or two wheelers vehicle rider get severly injured and can even die.These type of accidents occur most on roads with not so heavy traffic or at times such as at dawn or in the evening or night.

The Government has started a scheme to issue financial help to the injured and deceased in such type of accidents

Insurance companies do not pay for treatment of the injured or to the relatives of the deceased as critical information about the hit and run vehicle and driver or the vehicle number is not available.This becomes a hugh problem for such people.The government has started the scheme to help the victims or relatives of such accidents on Humanitarian grounds.

Our Helpline Number +9225803377

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